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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Organic Nutrients Produce Bigger Yields

Forget-me-nots galore! Huge daffodils soaking up the sun! Rich hued tulips speak of things to come!

Sara’s garden is coming into its own, and the world’s best organic nutrient is boosting the size of her blooms! Spring is the most magic of seasons, when the earth rejuvenates itself and covers all our gardens with bright, colorful flowers that gladden our spirits!

She soaked the humus-like soil with Advanced Nutrients Organic Iguana Juice, and her plants burst forth with new energy! They love the pure ingredients in this fish-based fertilizer. Her friends always ask as to how her blooms grow so big!

I am very enthusiastic about it, but I’ll let my pictures speak for me. We look forward to celebrating Earth Day tomorrow with Hedgehog and Jim, as Sara cooks a stir fry of organic vegetables, seasoned with the herbs grown in the Aero-Garden that I bought her for Christmas.

Stay tuned for the pictures of these herbs and the story of how they grew in their hydroponics setting, as if by magic. You’ll have to wait for my next posting for that one.

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Friday, April 03, 2009

Advanced Nutrients Iguana Juice for Bigger Flowers

Sara always prepares her flower beds for spring by putting down a layer of rich, black compost, as well as treating the soil with Iguana Juice Grow, the 100% organic fertilizer from Advanced Nutrients. This product adds so much zing to our garden, that our neighbors are constantly asking how did your flowers grow so big?

Sara and I have been using Iguana Juice, both Grow and Bloom, for a number of years now and are always amazed as to not just the size, but the quality of flowers that it helps nature to deliver. In addition to the base—made from fish caught in the pristine waters of the North Pacific Ocean—Iguana Juice contains:

Alfalfa Extract

Earthworm Castings

Kelp Meal

Krill Extract

Volcanic Ash

Yucca Extrac

This is the kind of diet that both Sara’s flowers and my vegetables love to absorb and turn into lush vegetation and the biggest flowers we’ve seen anywhere. Included in the pictures of this year’s crocuses is one of last year’s red poppies, which were saucer-sized and the envy of the neighborhood.

Even though Advanced Nutrients says that their fertilizers are ideal for hydroponics growing, soil-growers like us also appreciate the quality of all their products and the bigger yields that result in using them!

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