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Monday, September 29, 2008

I started posting some gardening articles on the web

In the spirit of spreading the gospel of expert nourishment for plants, I started posting some articles on other sites on the web. They were kind enough to classify me as an expert and sent me this certification:

As Featured On Ezine Articles

Check out what I wrote. I'm also taking some final photos of Sara's garden and harvesting the last of my vegetables, before the frost hits. I know I'm crazy, talking about frost, when the afternoon temperature today will probably hit 20 degrees Celsius!

But being a realist (sometimes) I am painfully aware of what's to come. Hedgehog and Jim are still running around in shorts and T-shirts, but I reach for my fleece vest after the sun goes down. At sunrise, I've been known to go out to greet our celestial furnace and shiver as I marvel at the bright pink sky!

Look for some new pictures in the next week or so! Until then, I'll leave you with one word of advice. Whether you're growing in soil or in hydro, use Iguana!

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Monday, September 22, 2008

Organic Gardening on Gabriola Island

Sara and I spend all our spare time making sure that our plants get fed the best 100% organic fertilizer on the market (Advanced Nutrients Organic Iguana Juice), and are also protected from pests and pathogens through the use of preventative products, such as Scorpion Juice and Barricade.

I sprayed with Scorpion Juice every week throughout the summer. It not only immunizes our flowers and vegetables from attacks from all sort of critters--seen and microspopic--but also ensures that our plants are robust and our flowers and fruits are abundant.

We've harvested the Snow Peas and the Scarlet Runner Beans, and most of our Tomatoes have gone into salads or soups. Our Cucurbits have grown to incredible weights and sizes and they served the noble purpose of making sure that Hedgehog and Jim did really well in the Zucchini Races at the Annual Fall Fair.

The last Rose buds of the season are opening, the Clematis is still going strong, and our Geraniums are enjoying the late Summer, early Fall sunshine, before they get moved indoors for the winter. Our Black Eyed Susans are very prolific this year and our Upside Down Tomatoes have all been harvested.

The big job of pruning all the Roses and deadheading our wilted flowers remains, and pretty soon it will be time for planting our Spring bulbs. Sara managed to get a whole bunch of Hyacynth, Daffodil, and Tulip bulbs from a Vancouver park (she carted them over in her new bought trailer) and she will be transporting compost and manure all Fall and Winter to rejuvenate her flower beds and my vegetable beds, as well.

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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

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