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Friday, November 30, 2007

Sara’s flower garden and my vegetable patch are mostly history. An incredibly cold Arctic air mass has descended on British Columbia, so our poor plants look frail and frozen. The ones that we haven’t yet cut or pulled out, that is.

Last Sunday I spent a good two hours cutting teeth onto some bottomless plastic pots which Sara immediately turned upside down and placed atop some of her precious perennials (delphiniums, especially) that she doesn’t want the slugs to eat in the spring. I must have done 15-20 pots.

I started off cutting them with broad strokes making them look like crowns, but I was instructed to do many more, sharper teeth in order to skewer the slugs if they ever dare climb these plastic cylinders.

Last week our All Ablaze Rose burst forth with a bunch of buds and one open Rose, but we had to cut them and take them indoors in order to salvage the salvageable. Of our kittens, Dusty has grown to be a big cat, distrustful of anyone, except me. He loves to get his belly rubbed!

The Halloween pumpkins projected a final grin each before melting into a rotten pile on top of the compost heap. Hedgehog ended up dressing as Bloom, a character from a TV show, a female superhero of sorts.

Sara made about half a dozen trips to a nearby schoolyard where they were giving away compost. We picked or cut all of our vegetables and she filled up my vegetable patch with rich, black, organic compost!

Given such a fertile growing medium, coupled with the Advanced Nutrients 100% organic plant food that we always give our plants, we’ll be sure to grow incredibly large, sweet, and robust vegetables come next season!

Speaking of seasons, tomorrow is December 1st. Do I hear sleigh bells? The festive season is upon us. We’ll try to blog once more before the bearded guy comes down the chimney, but we can’t promise.

Happy December, everybody!

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