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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Organic Gardening Pays Off in Spectacular Blooms

Sara's flower garden is the talk of the neighborhood. Passers-by are constantly asking, "how did you get your Roses to grow so big?" "How is it that I try to grow Phlox, and they're three feet maximum, while your Phlox are six feet tall?"

Sara has asked me to print out a page from the Advanced Nutrients website on Organic Iguana Juice. After all, this 100% organic plant nutrient is the secret behind the robust plants that she grows, whether using Grow during the vegetative stage, or Bloom, during flowering.

So now when people ask, she just hands them the page and smiles. "It's available at your local hydroponics store," she adds. And we've had many neighbors make a beeline for such a store and purchase this fish based miracle food, because they've seen the results.

We also use other AN products, such as Scorpion Juice to keep pests and pathogens at bay, but most of the glory should go to Iguana Juice, and of course Sara's diligence in creating the best, most fertile soil on Gabriola Island.

"The soil on the island is quite sandy. So we've brought in trailer loads of composted horse manure and kitchen parings, and bought the best, organic soil stocked by our garden shop," explains Sara to Melanie, a single mother from further down the road, who brings her six-year-old daughter each day to see the pretty flowers.

"We have nine different kinds of Phlox, Black Eyed Susans, two different kinds of Cone Flower, ten varieties of Hybrid Roses, three or four Lilies, and the Anemonie is in flower right now, with its graceful canopy of delicate blooms."

My vegetable garden needs some catching up to do, even though last night we enjoyed some fresh Snow Peas with our meal and our Zucchini Squash are growing big in anticipation of the Zucchini races at next month's Fair.

Our upside-down tomatoes are thriving, but I'll leave that 'til the next posting, when I'll have some close up pictures of the fruits of our labor.

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Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Easy Hydroponics--Organic Nirvana

Discover more about Nirvana by clicking here!

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