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Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Six-Foot High, Saucer-Sized Poppies

Sara’s poppies have outdone themselves this year, due no doubt to the huge containers of compost and composted horse manure that she trucked in during the winter months, prior to spring planting season. These poppies are the cousins of the opium poppies of the Middle East, but the seeds are not narcotic. This year she has blood red, bright orange, and pinkish cream colored flowers and being that they are so high and huge, many of our neighbors have come to admire them.

Due credit should be paid to the 100% organic Iguana Juice Grow and Bloom that we use to feed all of our flowers and vegetables. It is truly the magic ingredient in our super sized blooms and veggies. Advanced Nutrients mixes the finest organic ingredients (fish based, alfalfa, krill, yucca extract, kelp meal, and earthworm castings) that not only cause lush, vegetative growth, but also promote prolific flower and fruit development.

Our first rose of the season has opened! In spite of the rainy weather, we do get occasional glimpses of the sun, which is as much appreciated by the flowers as by us. Walking our Golden Retriever Max through the neighbourhood every morning, I am amazed at the variety and resurgence of the flora all around us. This is truly an amazing season and no matter what the weather, it should inspire us to value Nature and all of its bounty.

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Sunday, June 01, 2008

Upside Down Tomatoes, Anyone? My wife, Sara, read in the Lee Valley catalog about upside down tomato planters. She was intrigued, but they were all sold out. So I Googled the subject and found plenty of online places to buy these, but they were all sold out too. It seems the manufacturer had underestimated the demand, so many gardeners were left without. However, I did find a build-your-own video on YouTube and decided--why not? I bought ten utility buckets at Home Depot, drilled two inch holes in the bottoms of the buckets, used a coffee filter to keep the potting soil from falling out, fertilized the mixture with Advanced Nutrients Iguana Juice Grow, planted six small tomato plants and four pepper plants, and hung the ten buckets upside down on the rafters of our courtyard. Sara even decorated the tops with some annuals! Some lids were left on, but they all had open watering holes. Oh, and our daughter, Hedgehog, helped drill air holes on the sides of the buckets to get some oxygen to the roots.

Tim, Sara, and the kids

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