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Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Tulips Thrive on Organic Nutrients

Sara's flower garden is looking more lush and luscious every day. Although the daffodils have had their day, there are still some around, but it's the tulips that are spectacular. This month I am having trouble capturing them in all their magnificence. Also, I am not able to write much, since the demands of my job are such that blogging has become a luxury.

I hope to report in depth on Sara's flower garden and my vegetable patch in future postings. Just be conscious of the fact that Advanced Nutrients 100% Organic Iguana Juice is the main reason that both of our gardens tend to prosper and at times they become the talk of the neighborhood.

Sara and Hedgehog are visiting friends on nearby Salt Spring Island, while Jim and I are guarding the home front and eating a lot of hamburgers. It's a long story. The ladies being vegetarians, we do them the courtesy of not chomping on meat in front of them. We usually go off together to enjoy our carnivore desires.

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posted by Tim at 8:17 PM


  • Heya Tim,

    I'm having trouble loading all the pics in your last post, but what I've seen looks fantastic. I'm really getting anxious for the bulbs I ordered to arrive. Do you have any suggestions for what size pot I should use to grow them? I'm planning to use a passive hydroponic set-up, probably perlite and vermiculite 50/50.

    Oh, and thanks a bunch for recommending that newsletter from Advanced (the one). Brilliant stuff there.


    By Blogger hugetom80s, at 6:24 PM  

  • Oh, forgot to mention.

    I found this cool blog at

    I thought you might enjoy checking it out.


    By Blogger hugetom80s, at 6:28 PM  

  • Hi Tom,

    You may want to plant 3 bulbs in a group in a 12 inch pot. Now if you were planning a soil garden, you'd want to choose the colors that are complementary. Pinks and purples, yellows and oranges, reds and yellows. But since you're growing in hydro, and your final intent is to have cut flowers, perhaps the color matching isn't that important. I heard that hydro growers plant the tulips and do not water them for one to three weeks. Then the watering regimen can start. This is to avoid slimy roots.

    Hope this helps,

    By Blogger Tim, at 7:31 PM  

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