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Thursday, September 14, 2006

Cukes, Lovely Fairie, and VitaBoost Pro

Even though the wet season seems to be upon us, we can still find many treasures to enjoy in our garden. Some of the Gladioli are flowering and flowering again, some more huge Tomatoes are ripening, a Red Rose announces, “Hey, I’m still here,” a dark-hued Sunflower is boldly looking for some rays, and even the lowly Dandelion has a symmetrical beauty, when viewed close-up.

One of Hedgehog’s favorite Rose bushes is called Lovely Fairie. Every time she suffers the death of a cherished pet, we have to bury it under this rose bush. The decomposing bodies of assorted goldfish, hamsters, and canaries make for a fertile soil indeed, judging from the lovely blooms bursting forth all summer long.

Our Cucumbers do well in warm weather, so this past summer was perfect for them. You have to give them plenty of room, even in a small garden like ours. Instead of building a trellis for them, I planted my cukes next to a wire fence, which is an adequate support.

We started our seeds indoors in jiffy pots and brought them out five weeks later, about two weeks after the last frost. We treated the seedlings with Advanced Nutrients No Shock, in order to produce roots faster, avoid damping off, and stop moisture depletion. We also prepared a rich compost and rotted-manure-enriched growing environment.

Our first application of fertilizer was with Iguana Juice Grow, which is a 100% organic nutrient that is unparalleled in its miraculous effects in our experience. As you know, Sara and I do our gardening together—she administers to the flowers, while I shepherd the vegetables toward harvest.

Later, we added root treatments with beneficial fungi and bacteria, vitamins, and certain protectors and inoculants to ward off pathogens of all kinds. Piranha, Tarantula, and Voodoo Juice ensured a friendly rhizosphere and desirable root mass for our cucumbers, which guaranteed healthy growth, flowering, and fruit above ground.

With regard to vitamins, we decided to use VitaBoost Pro as the best of all multi-vitamin formulas on the market, as well as Organic B, which boosted their Vitamin B levels to prevent stress. Plants can be stressed out by lack of water, but also by overwatering.

Advanced Nutrients Scorpion Juice was used to administer Systemic Acquired Resistance (SAR) to keep harmful pathogens at bay.

Three additional products helped ensure a healthy, robust harvest of tasty, crisp cucumbers. Most importantly, Iguana Juice Bloom was applied at the flowering stage, to make sure that there was a proliferation of blooms to pollinate, so they could go into fruit.

Advanced Nutrients Barricade and Protector were utilized to make the plants stronger from the inside out and help prevent Powdery Mildew, specifically. Additionally, we avoided overhead watering to keep the large cucumber leaves free of fungus.

The results of using these extremely effective products are large cucumbers, bursting with life. They are truly succulent and filled with that wonderful taste that only fresh-picked, organically grown cucumbers can provide.

Jim likes peanut butter and cucumber sandwiches for lunch, while Sara and I love cucumber salad to go with our evening meal. As for Hedgehog, she munches on cucumber slices as snacks, and likes to dip them into Dilly Dip dressing from the supermarket.

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